Ice Cream Brands in India

Ice cream, with its delightful flavors and creamy textures, has become an integral part of India’s culinary landscape. Its popularity transcends age, culture, and geography. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or a cozy winter evening, the allure of a scoop or two of ice cream is irresistible.

Exploring India’s Top 5 Ice Cream Landscapes

In a country as diverse as India, ice cream has evolved to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From traditional kulfi to innovative fusion flavors, India’s ice cream scene is a testament to its culinary creativity. In this blog post, we delve into the world of frozen delights and uncover the top ice cream brands that have been tantalizing taste buds across the nation.

1. Amul Ice Cream

Amul, known as “The Taste of India,” has a rich history deeply rooted in the Indian dairy industry. Since its establishment in 1946, it has revolutionized the way Indians enjoy dairy products, becoming a household name synonymous with quality and freshness. 

Building on their expertise, Amul ventured into the ice cream sector, offering an unmatched variety and quality of flavors. From classic options like vanilla and chocolate to unique creations such as ‘Tropical Tango’ and ‘Black Forest,’ each scoop is a testament to their commitment to using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art technology. 

Amul’s dedication to innovation is evident in their range of ice cream offerings, capturing the essence of Indian flavors with creations like ‘Choco Crisp’ and ‘Chilli Guava.’ Their ‘Stick Kulfi’ range and ‘Sundae’ options provide a twist on traditional treats. Amul’s journey in the Indian ice cream industry is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, catering to every palate and preserving India’s love for dairy.

2. Kwality Walls

Kwality Walls, a subsidiary of Unilever, has firmly established itself as a dominant player in the Indian ice cream market, captivating the hearts of ice cream enthusiasts nationwide. With a rich heritage and decades of experience, Kwality Walls has become an integral part of celebrations and everyday indulgence.

Offering a plethora of flavors and treats, Kwality Walls caters to diverse tastes. From classic options like ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Chocolate’ to more exotic choices like ‘Rajbhog’ and ‘Mango Feast,’ there is something to satisfy every palate. Their ‘Cornetto’ range, featuring a crispy cone and creamy filling, has become a beloved favorite among many.

What sets Kwality Walls apart are their innovative collaborations and promotions. By partnering with popular brands or events, they create limited-edition flavors that excite and entice consumers. Promotions such as “Buy One, Get One” and “Happy Hours” have further endeared the brand to customers, making Kwality Walls a staple during festive seasons and celebrations.

3. Vadilal Ice Cream

Vadilal Ice Cream, a renowned name in the Indian ice cream industry, has built a legacy of excellence and delectable flavors over the course of a century. Since its establishment in 1907, Vadilal has consistently set new standards for quality, earning the trust and loyalty of countless ice cream enthusiasts.

What truly sets Vadilal apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering the finest ice cream experience. Each scoop of Vadilal ice cream is a testament to their meticulous selection of premium ingredients, rigorous quality checks, and an unwavering passion for perfection. Their adherence to international quality standards has made Vadilal a symbol of trust and reliability.

Vadilal takes great pride in its diverse and innovative flavor offerings. From the iconic and aromatic ‘Kesar Pista’ to the refreshing and tropical ‘Tender Coconut,’ and the indulgent and rich ‘Choco Almond Fudge,’ Vadilal’s flavors are renowned for their authenticity and exceptional taste. Additionally, they introduce seasonal flavors that capture the essence and spirit of each season, further enhancing the ice cream experience for their customers.

4. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy, a well-known and respected name in the Indian dairy industry, has built a solid reputation for its unwavering commitment to providing fresh and natural products. This reputation for freshness extends to their ice cream offerings as well, making Mother Dairy a trusted brand among consumers who value high-quality and wholesome products.

What sets Mother Dairy’s ice cream range apart is its focus on health-conscious choices. They understand that indulgence should not come at the expense of one’s well-being, which is why they offer a unique ‘Probiotic Dahi’ ice cream. This healthier alternative allows individuals to satisfy their sweet cravings without compromising on their health.

In addition to their dedication to freshness and health, Mother Dairy also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. They have implemented eco-friendly practices throughout their production processes, packaging, and distribution. By reducing their environmental footprint, Mother Dairy is actively contributing to a greener and healthier future.

5. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins, a global ice cream giant, has successfully made its mark in India by captivating the taste buds of dessert enthusiasts across the nation. With a presence in over 50 countries, this renowned brand has introduced India to a wide array of flavors and innovative creations that have left a lasting impression.

One of the key factors that sets Baskin-Robbins apart is its extensive flavor library, which boasts a rotating selection of 31 flavors, ensuring there is something for everyone. From timeless classics like ‘Pralines ‘n Cream’ to more exotic choices such as ‘Love Potion #31,’ the brand consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity. Additionally, Baskin-Robbins offers a range of menu items, including sundaes, shakes, and custom ice cream cakes, further enhancing the overall experience.

What truly sets Baskin-Robbins apart in the Indian market is its ability to embrace the local palate. The brand has successfully adapted its offerings to cater to Indian tastes, introducing flavors like ‘Alphonso Mango’ and ‘Gulab Jamun’ that resonate with the Indian consumer while maintaining the high quality and standards that the brand is known for worldwide.


In a country where ice cream has become a symbol of joy and celebration, these top 5 ice cream brands in India offer a delightful array of choices. From traditional flavors to exotic innovations, India’s ice cream landscape is as diverse as its culture. Whether you’re savoring Amul’s legacy, Kwality Walls’ classics, Vadilal’s commitment to quality, Mother Dairy’s health-consciousness, or Baskin-Robbins’ global flair, there’s something for every palate. Explore, taste, and discover your personal favorite, as the world of ice cream in India is as sweet and diverse as the nation itself.

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